Denture Home Care in Melbourne, FL

We provide detailed instructions for quality denture home care in Melbourne, FL, and the surrounding areas. Call us at (321)752-5130 if you're in need of any emergency denture repair in Melbourne, FL.


We have taken great care in making your new denture(s). Your dentures will feel strange at first. With persistence and a positive attitude you will soon become comfortable with them.

It takes time for your gums to adapt to your new dentures. Like new glasses they will take a while to feel natural. Do NOT wear them at night, use that time to give your gums a rest and to prevent fungus from growing. There is a possible link between oral cancer and chronic irritation caused by wearing dentures 24 hours a day.

Your lower denture is especially difficult to adjust to, and may feel loose until you have mastered the ability to keep them in place with the muscles of your cheeks and tongue. Your lower denture will move as you speak and eat because it is not secured to your jaw or held in place by suction. Soreness and irritation are normal until the ridge becomes accustomed to supporting a denture. Use of a dental adhesive can prevent movement, and soreness.      

The front teeth are for looks only, not biting! Biting into an apple or corn will cause the dentures to loose suction. Cut food into small pieces, stick with soft foods, and avoid hot foods until you become experienced chewing with your new dentures. Chew on both sides of your mouth on the back teeth. It may take weeks, even months to learn to chew properly, so that the dentures do not tip.We know that with a positive attitude and the necessary patience, you will have success with your new dentures.

Cleaning and care tips:


  • Do NOT wear dentures to bed.

  • Dentures out of the mouth for more than an hour, MUST be placed in room temp water to prevent warping.

  • Brush at least twice a day, with denture paste (NOT TOOTHPASTE)

  • Clean over a sink of water, to avoid breakage from dropping.

  • Soak dentures in a 50% water 50% white vinegar solution at night when you sleep.

  • Brush your gums tongue and palate before inserting your dentures.

  • Do not attempt to adjust, file, or repair your dentures. All alterations must be made by Dr Hook, or the staff.

  • Dentures are not the end of visits to the dentist, as you will continue to loose underlying bone, (as much as 2mm per year) Your dentures will need to be remade every 5-7yrs.


If you notice your dentures becoming loose, ask us about relining procedures.

If you have remaining teeth, you need to have them examined and cleaned regularly. This is especially important if you have partial dentures.

If you develop any sore spots, begin rinsing 3 times a day with warm salt water (1/2t. Salt in 8oz warm tap water). If your soreness persists for 7 days call our office to schedule an appointment for adjustment. DO NOT switch back to your old dentures as this will prolong the discomfort and adjustment period.

If you require further assistance, info, or to schedule an appointment please call the office (321)752-5130.