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Our office offers denture services at a price you can smile about! Each set is custom made promptly and accurately for your comfort and needs. Dr. Hook has over 30 years experience making, fitting and repairing dentures and partials in our in-house lab. Dr. Hook personally listens to his patients during their treatment and performs and supervises the procedures necessary for their satisfaction.

Melbourne Denture Service Offers By Appointment:

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Full Dentures

Partial Dentures
Exam and X-rays



Extractions For Dentures

Denture Repairs

Denture Reline/Rebase


One-day service is also available for some dentures

Our Policy: Free adjustments* (D5410 and D5411) for the life of the denture made by us. If the denture or partial breaks during normal use in the first year of service, we repair or replace it at no charge. These offers are null and void if anyone other than Dr. Hook or his staff alters, modifies or repairs the dental appliance.

Denture Adjustment is defined as marking and removing acrylic to relive pressure areas and sore spots. If your denture needs to be relined or rebased, additional charges will apply, please see fee tab for all procedures and fees.

If you have lost some or all of your teeth or considering extractions and dentures, our expert and caring staff are focused on restoring your beautiful smile at a price that is affordable. Your comfort and satisfaction are our highest priority.